The commercial property market can be quite a challenge and when you are running a business it is very difficult to take the time out and learn about the intricacies of commercial property loans. 

That is where we step in, at Achieve Finance we will work with you to develop, design and implement a commercial property investment solution that meets your commercial goals including purchasing commercial offices, industrial complexes, retail centres, residential land sub-divisions and residential unit development. 

Some reasons why you may chose to enter into a commercial loan include:

  • You are buying commercial property
  • You are looking to refinance an existing commercial loan
  • You would like to use equity for commercial investment purposes 
  • You would like to diversify your portfolio

There that you should consider if you are purchasing commercial property include:

  • Longer term leases (generally 3-10 years)
  • Higher deposit required of around 30%
  • High building, maintenance and repair costs than a residential investment
  • The costs of attracting and keeping tenants (namely factoring in supply of commercial property types and their lease rates). 

With Achieve Finance your complete investment portfolio is in good hands, including your commercial property loan.