Commercial loans involve loans for the purchase of office, retail and industrial property and overall recent times have highlighted quite strong yields. You don’t necessarily have to be in business to purchase commercial property as an investment, however if you are,  it could prove to be quite a smart move in comparison to the rent that you outlay each year. 

The commercial property landscape has evolved in the last five to ten years with more lenders getting involved including non-bank lenders looking to capitalise on the recent resurgence. 

At Achieve Finance, we understand the intricacies involved in purchasing commercial property and the factors involved in purchasing such as:

  • Looking at commercial property as an investment for a nest egg (including considerations for property leasing and sales potential)
  • Making the decision as a business owner to rent or buy and understanding that you need to understand your cost-benefit analysis in various scenarios with the goal of owning your asset outright. 
  • Using your home or commercial property as the security for the loan and what the benefits are of each scenario. 
  • The rate of risk for the commercial purchase as determined by lenders to determine the interest rate

There are many different options with commercial loans, some with greater flexibility and others with less flexibility depending on your circumstance. Get in touch to speak to our team today to discuss your options for a commercial loan and what steps you need to take to get the ball rolling.