As you progress through your life, your circumstances change. For a growing family you may require some extra room or if the children are leaving the nest you may require something a little smaller and manageable. 

At Achieve Finance we understand that many decisions need to be made and they are all based on your life stage and that this is an evolution in your overall financial strategy. We also understand that this will impact on your current and future financial position.

Our role is to make the purchase of your next home as stress free and streamlined as possible. Our expert knowledge combined with taking the time to understand your needs allows us to determine the options available to you. 

Overall we ensure that we:

  • review your existing loan and assess how suitable it is for your changing needs
  • review your current income and financial portfolio
  • research and explore new options from the wide range of loan options

You have been here before...

The Achieve Finance team understand that you have been here before, that you are familiar with various mortgage/loan types and features and more than likely have a fair idea of the types of features that you like and dislike. 

Your experience combined with our expert knowledge allows us to come up with a sensible strategy that will cater for your present and future needs. 

Considerations that affect the right product for you include:

  • the aim to be mortgage free in the near future
  • having the option to redraw
  • fixed, variable and partially fixed interest loans
  • leveraging off existing equity
  • bridging finance options
  • keeping your existing property as an investment

Above are just a few considerations, however, we ease your mind through providing you with regular updates, through managing the process with our trusted relationships with key influencers in financial institutions, all the while ensuring that all of your requirements are met to hit your financial goal with a loan product that you trust.